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We are Qualified Valuers and of course, fully licensed Real Estate Agents. Our principals have a combined Valuation career of over 60 years in the Melbourne area and have been acting as buyers advocates for clients since the early 1980's.

Based on established valuation principles we will provide you with accurate advice as to a properties current fair market value. When buying a property, if you are uncertain of its true value, how can you determine where to start a negotiation and where to stop? How can you know that you are buying well?

Buyers' Advocacy


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For investors the brief is somewhat different. Essentially, the objective should be quite simple: to maximise both the opportunity you have and the sum you have to work with. Namely, to make an amount of money grow as quickly as possible, while generating a sound income return on the investment.

Vendors' Advocacy


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As a natural extension of our Buyers' Advocate role, we are often approached by existing clients and others to advise and act for them in the role of a Vendor's Advocate. We act as a neutral point between the vendor and selling agent, and ensure that the sales process runs as smoothly as possible.

Overseas Buyers


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A significant proportion of our purchases are for expatriates located predominantly in the Middle East and Asia, and to a lesser extent in the UK and the USA. The intention behind your purchase may be to secure a property which will be your home on return to Australia or, alternatively, it could be for investment purposes.



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Have you considered installing solar panels? As the cost of electricity rises, and solar panel prices drop, it can take as short as 6 to 10 years to recoup the cost of a solar system with potential savings of up to $94,273 over 25 years.

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Are you thinking of selling this year? Check out domain’s top tips for styling your home.

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Are you thinking of moving to Melbourne, or are you looking to invest in the Melbourne property market from afar?
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