What is a buyers’ advocate?

A Buyers Advocate (or Buyers Agent) is essentially an adviser who will assist you with all elements associated with the process of buying either a home or an investment property.

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Buyers’ Advocates act exclusively for you with their objective being to identify the right property and buy it at the right price. They are on your side. That “friendly real estate agent” you see at open for inspections may appear as if they have your best interests at heart but they are acting solely for, and are being paid by, the vendor.

McRae Property were one of the first Buyers Advocates in Melbourne and have a deep understanding of how the system “works” and know which levers to pull in order to get the best possible result for our clients.

Both of our principles are licensed real estate agents and qualified valuers.

Why should you use a Buyers Advocate?

Buying a house is usually the most important (and expensive) purchase you will ever make. Most people in our experience only do so every 5 – 10 years. We do it every day!

To succeed in the purchasing process you need all of the following attributes:


A capacity to identify the right property to purchase

An understanding of prevailing market values and the capacity to provide detailed sales analysis

Ability to source properties off market

Be a capable (preferably great) negotiator

McRae Property Melbourne offer these skills plus careful attention to each clients’ requirement, irrespective of budget.

How does it work?

Buyers' advocacy isn't as complex as you might expect. For a brief overview of the process, find out more below.

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The Brief

In consultation with you we prepare a detailed summary (the “brief”) outlining the characteristics of the property we are seeking to purchase including such factors as price limit, location, property style, accommodation and proximity to community services.

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Property Search

In addition of course to closely monitoring what is available publicly, we have access to properties available off market or “on the quiet” via our relationships with individuals at all of the major real estate firms in Melbourne. Our connection with many of these people dates back in some instances 30 years or more. This trust, built up over a long period of time quite often results in our clients being given the first opportunity to consider a property available off market.

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Property Assessment

Essentially our task is to find the best property available for sale in Melbourne that matches your requirement.

We take into account all relevant aspects of a property before even suggesting that you should conduct an inspection. Having looked at thousands of properties over the years, we understand the pitfalls to avoid and the positives to seek out.

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Value Assessment

Of course it is important to find the right property but then its crucial to know what its worth.

This is where McRae Property is unique. Both of our principals have been qualified valuers for over 30 years. We analyse all relevant sales evidence and arrive at a reasoned conclusion as to the “real value” of a property. In our view, without a precise assessment of market value, the next step you take may well produce a mistake.

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The Purchase

Buying a property is not just about paying more than the next person.

Strategy is quite often a key component of the buying process and twisting a situation to our advantage is something we try and do with each purchase.

This is particularly the case with private sales or off market transactions where knowing when to make an offer and for how much is often the difference between success and failure in securing a property.
We also of course represent you at auction, if so required, and will bid in a way to give you the maximum chance of success.

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