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Suburb Profile - Brighton

Brighton is a beach side suburb located 11km south east of Melbourne’s CBD, between Elwood and Hampton. It has a number of different shopping districts, clean and beautiful beaches and great access to public transport.

Brighton is most famous for it’s foreshore. The Middle Brighton Pier has a large marina facility and the Middle Brighton baths adjacent, which includes a café, restaurant and gymnasium. Just south of here is Dendy Street Beach, the home of Brighton’s famous Beach Boxes.

There are a number of different shopping districts within Brighton, particularly Church St, Bay St and Martin St, which contain supermarkets, grocers, cinemas, high end fashion stores – and plenty of Op Shops! Church St has many well known restaurants and cafes, including the well known The Pantry and their hip new endeavour The Royale Brothers, one of Melbourne’s favourite Burger bars.

There are many schools within the local area, including Brighton Primary School, Brighton Secondary College, Brighton Grammar School and their sister school Firbank Grammar.

Brighton is an incredibly established and historic area which was founded in 1840. You can see evidence of old manors, churches and school buildings throughout the area. Billilla House on Halifax Street is an Edwardian Mansion on the National Trust register, and has large gardens that are open to use by the General Public.

The pro's and con's of buying in Armadale

Armadale is a small suburb 7km south-east of Melbourne’s CBD. It is a quiet, prestigious and sort after suburb with all the perks of inner-city living, but also the green, tree-filled streets usually found in the outer suburbs.

The Pro's

It is surrounded by Malvern, Prahran and Toorak, and enjoys easy access by public transport. Trams, trains and buses access the area, and it quite close to the CBD, the beach and other recreational hot spots.

Access to the Monash Freeway is nearby.

Armadale is popular with young families and young professionals, as it is a quiet and safe inner city suburb. For this reason, you will also find established families who have been living in Armadale for generations.

High Street and Glenferrie Road provide a shopping district filled with all kinds of shops, from boutique wedding dresses to coffee shops and bakeries, you’ll be sure to find everything you need.

Lauriston Girls School is located in Mercer Road and tram routes lead to many other private schools.

The Con's

There are not many we can think of.

The pro's and con's of buying in Collingwood

In recent years, Collingwood has seen a dramatic transformation. It has gone on a journey from a working class inner-city suburb that was lively but rough-around-the-edges, to one that is more polished but has kept it’s original roots.

The Pro’s

Collingwood plays host to a large number of well-acclaimed restaurants and cafes including Saint Crispin, Rockwell & Sons and of course, Proud Mary. From a Saturday brunch with friends, to a romantic dinner, Collingwood’s culinary scene has recently exploded, making it a go-to destination for Melbourne food-lovers.

Being so close to the CBD, it doesn’t take too long to walk into the city from Collingwood. But one of the advantages of this suburb is that it has many public transport options for you to choose from. Collingwood boasts a number of tram lines, bus lines, as well as a train station to assist your daily commute.

Even though Collingwood has undergone a clear transformation in recent years, it has kept the vibrancy and energy that it has always been known for. From music venues like The Tote and The Workers Club, to a range of pubs and nightclubs, there will always be something on for the night-owls among us. This liveliness is what has made Collingwood a popular suburb among young singles and professionals.

The Con’s

For all it’s character and vibrancy, Collingwood does not lend itself to being the perfect suburb for families. On any given night, it is more likely than not, that an event is making noise just around the corner.

One of the great things about Melbourne is that it is such a green city. Around almost every corner, there is another park to walk the dog or run around, but there is a lack of this greenery in Collingwood. Even though, within the borders of this suburb, there might not be a large park to spend a nice summer’s Sunday, neighbouring suburbs certainly offer parks, with the Fitzroy Gardens just to the South.

In Summary

Collingwood has undergone a large amount of gentrification over the past years, and this trend doesn’t seem to be easing. Tremendous growth potential remains in this character-filled suburb. It is a suburb that is recommended for young singles and professionals, but having said that, many families happily call Collingwood their home. This suburb is definitely one to consider, especially for first-home buyers and those looking for rapid capital growth.

Melbourne's Iconic Street Art

From people who have lived in Melbourne their entire lives, to visitors only here for a holiday, everyone quickly realises the creativity that lives in this city. One of the most iconic and recognisable outlets of Melbourne’s creative habitants is through Street Art a.k.a. Graffiti.

Graffiti was born during the 1970’s in New York and was imported to Australia a decade later alongside hip-hop and rap culture. Almost 4 decades later, it is safe to say that the art of Graffiti has made itself a home in Melbourne.

The Graffiti culture in Melbourne is most prevalent in the CBD itself although, not to be outdone, inner suburbs (e.g. Collingwood) also play host to impressive works of street art.

Graffiti and street art used to be viewed as distasteful and unappealing, so much so that people would steer clear of living in suburbs where graffiti was visible. But today, Street art is a beacon of creativity and culture. The most exciting and edgy suburbs in Melbourne are usually the most colorful, with graffiti strewn across walls and storefronts.

The pro’s and con’s of buying in Albert Park & Middle Park

Albert Park is a suburb of Melbourne that is a mere 3km south of the CBD. With Port Phillip Bay on one side, and the city on the other, this area is a true reflection of Melbourne’s title as the “Land of Inbetween”. Known for the predominance of its Greek population post WW II, this area has now become the dormitory of well-to-do young executives and young families. Many successful sports identities also live in the area due to the lifestyle which it offers.

The pro’s:

- With the beach at your doorstep, and the city only a 10-minute drive away, Albert Park is perfectly located for young professionals and their families.

- Spending even a short amount of time in Albert Park is enough to feel the sense of community that the suburb radiates. There’s a stark contrast between the laid-back and relaxed atmosphere of the area with the busyness of the CBD, just a stone’s throw away.

- Albert Park is also home to a bountiful array of places to eat, drink and be merry. From your early morning coffee fix, to a quiet drink on a Friday night, the mix of cafes, restaurants and bars will be sure to keep you happy.

- Unsurprisingly one of Albert Park’s greatest appeals is the vast amount of greenery that lines every street. The wide streets make parking very convenient for residents who have no parking on site. The Park itself is a great setting for a morning run along the lake or a nice picnic on a sunny day.

The con’s:

- One thing to consider is that every year, the Formula 1 comes to Albert Park. And no matter how much you may love the Grand Prix, it is impossible to ignore the amount of noise that is generated over the weekend. Having said that, this drawback is only relevant for one weekend per year.

- Another point to consider is the relative lack of public transport around Albert Park, as there are neither buses nor trains, except for the light rail in Canterbury Road, available nearby. In terms of trams, Melbourne’s tram network is the 4th largest in the world, yet only 2 tramlines pass through Albert Park and Middle Park.

In Summary:

Albert Park / Middle Park is the second most valuable real estate area in Melbourne when comparing land value per meter square, although St. Vincent Place is right up there with the high price bracket on the basis of per property.

Albert Park is one of Melbourne’s blue-chip suburbs, and it is not hard to see why. We feel that Albert Park’s status as one of Melbourne’s most renowned residential areas is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future, and there is definitely still opportunity for growth.

Mornington Peninsula

For anyone looking for a relaxing getaway, or even the perfect location for a sea change, look no further. Just an hour’s drive from Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula is the great escape that doesn’t take a great amount of time. Mornington is widely regarded as Victoria’s playground with its variety of beautiful landscapes, 190kms of coastline and charming towns; it’s easy to see why.

1. Architectural Style

An example of Mornington’s charm is The Merricks General Store, a hugely popular restaurant and cafe for breakfasts and lunches. Located on the Frankston Flinders Road in Merricks, it is within easy reach of Sommers, Balnarring, Merricks Beach, Shoreham and Flinders.

2. Food and Wine

Mornington is also a quality destination for fine food and fine wines. With an abundance of local produce and beautiful wineries and vineyards strewn throughout the Peninsula, Mornington has really become the ideal playground for old souls who are young at heart. Some vineyards have world class restaurants attached and are popular for lazy lunches, wedding receptions and some also include accommodation.

3. Wildlife

And of course, what good playground doesn’t have friends to play with? The Mornington Peninsula is teeming with beautiful wildlife from kangaroos and koalas to wallabies and wombats.

South Yarra

South Yarra is located just south of the Melbourne CBD across from the Yarra River, with the main shopping areas running along Toorak Road and Chapel Street. Thanks, in part, to a large variety of upmarket retailers and restaurants, coupled with its various parks and close proximity to the CBD, South Yarra is home to some of Melbourne’s most prestigious residential and commercial addresses.

Botanical Gardens Precinct

One of Melbourne’s most charming traits is that within inner-city suburbs such as South Yarra, there is still an abundance of parklands and greenery.

Fawkner Park, on the southern side of Toorak Road, is a hidden secret in the heart of South Yarra. It is home to joggers, walkers, footballers, cricketers, dog walkers and Balloon riders alike.

Melbourne’s famous Botanical Gardens are also located nearby, in the Domain Precinct, stretching out to St Kilda Road and the CBD.

South Yarra Hill Architecture

South Yarra Hill is truly a melting pot of architecture where modern influences and classic design can stand side-by-side flawlessly. This contrast can be seen throughout the neighborhood.

*The recent auctions of "The Block" apartments in this Darling St property broke every record in the book

*Twin Eagles on South Yarra Hill - The home of the capital growth

The pro’s and con’s of buying in Richmond

When you are buying a home, don’t make the fatal error in ignoring the area around it. At McRae Property, we see Richmond as one suburb that epitomises Melbourne-living. Located 3km East of Melbourne’s CBD, it’s close enough to the excitement of the city, but far enough to escape the hustle and bustle when required.

The pro’s:

- “Location, Location, Location” is the old real estate mantra, and Richmond embodies this. Richmond gives you inner city living with a community feel.

- For all of Richmond’s vibrancy, it is still a suburb that caters to families with childcare centres, schools and parks just a stone’s throw away from each other.

- Melbourne’s culture is mirrored in Richmond, from the distinctive café culture, the vibrant nightlife, to the gentrified Richmond Hill.

- With a train station just off Swan Street and the South Eastern Freeway and several trams and bus routes in and around the suburb, it is easy to travel in and out of Richmond, wherever you plan to go.

- As we know, Melbourne is the world’s sporting capital, and Richmond borders all the  iconic sporting complexes that include AAMI Park, The Rod Laver Arena and of course, The MCG.

The con’s:

- A negative of being so close to the CBD is always going to be the traffic. In rush hour, the traffic through Richmond’s main roads (Swan Street, Bridge Road and Victoria Street) can be frustrating at the best of times.

- Parking is another problem in Richmond. For those without designated car ports or garages, it can be a bit of a dilemma, but that’s why Richmond has a wide variety of public transport options.

In Summary

Richmond has been one of the major growth suburbs in Melbourne within the past 2 years. Due to its location, we feel that there is still plenty of growth to come.

Why should you wait until winter to sell?

Each year we experience a shortage of good stock during the winter months. This has an effect of holding prices up due to lack of supply.

Many people believe their gardens look better in Autumn and Spring. Yes that is correct, but if we were selling we would sell in winter.

How can you spot dodgy buyers' advocates?

If the price is way over true value and an Advocate is involved, then the Advocate is normally chasing a fee.

If the price is way over true value and an Advocate is not involved, then the buyer is probably a desperate buyer who has missed out on several occasions or an overseas buyer who has no idea of what represents true value.

What is a Buyers Advocate and how can you save money by having one?

Most Buyers Advocates are Real Estate Agents. However, only a few Buyers Advocates are Real Estate Agents and also qualified Valuers. McRae Property is qualified in both.

Advocates are paid to act on a buyers behalf  and are hired to legally represent a buyer during property negotiations.

You can save money by using a Buyers Advocate like McRae Property because

• We do all the hard work for you

• We are skilled negotiators who are on your side when you are making one of the biggest purchases of your life

• We have access to “off market” sales

• We don’t charge you any upfront engagement fees

• We take the stress and emotion out of the buying process, and let you focus on enjoying life

We stand out from our competitors because we act in our client’s best interest with no exception.

In this “ tight “ market with limited stock to choose from we act in our clients best interest if the price exceeds true value by walking away from a deal, rather than paying too much.

It is unfortunate that we cannot say the same for many of our Buyer Advocate colleagues.

Our business is about the best interests of our client, not about chasing a fee in a low volume

market, a practice which is unprofessional and which gives our industry a bad name.

The pro's and con's of buying in Yarraville

If you are considering buying in Yarraville it’s good to be across the pros and cons of the suburb. For us at McRae Property, Yarraville represents great value and has that village atmosphere many people seek. It’s located just 8kms west of Melbourne and has recently experienced rapid gentrification due to its close proximity to the Melbourne CBD.

The pro’s

•The key pro’s would be its affordability and access to the CBD. A $ 900,000 single fronted house in Richmond buys you a reasonable double fronted house in Yarraville on twice as much land.

• Yarraville’s unique character, architecture and quality of village life are second to none. It is home to many award winning restaurants and cafes, and eclectic retail experience. From local artists, quality clothes, shoes, gifts, jewellery, wines and gourmet foods.

• Yarraville’s train station is located in the village area and serviced by all trains on the Williamstown line. It also lies within Zone 1 of Melbourne’s public transport ticketing system.

The con’s

• The negative effects of the growing number of trucks using the residential streets is widely known. This continues to be a major issue in the Yarraville district, however despite this, values continue to increase.

• There is currently no high school in the local area.

In summary

We think Yarraville is definitely worth considering.