How does vendor advocacy work?

As a natural extension of our Buyers' Advocate role, we are often approached by existing clients and others to advise and act for them in the role of a Vendor's Advocate.

Clients selling their property contact us for the following reasons:

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Vendors need to know what their property is worth. Clients require the confidence our combined 60+ years of Valuation experience brings to arriving at this figure.

Most people want an independent opinion of the real value of their property, which forms a starting point of the sales process, rather than relying on the figure a selling agent thinks the vendor should hear in order to secure the sale.

Unless that evaluation is correct, the sale program is often a painful process for the vendor, leading to disappointment caused by over quoting by the selling agent who has by then 'bought the business'.

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Clients want to know the best agents to handle their sale and we offer advice on this.

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Apart from knowing the real value of their property, Clients require a strong element of transparency during the selling process, which happens when we stand between the vendor and the selling agent.

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Stress of Sale

Some Clients want to be removed from dealing directly with the selling agent. We are able to remove the confusion and pressure from the selling process for the vendor.

We add value to the selling process. We act as a neutral point between the vendor and selling agent, and ensure that the sales process runs as smoothly as possible by:

  • Evaluating the property and providing a degree of certainty as to a realistic selling price. The latest comparable sales are analysed to achieve an accurate result.
  • Recommending the best agent for the job.
  • Negotiating both the selling commission and advertising budgets.
  • Attending selling agent / vendor meetings, being present on auction day and being involved in sale negotiations.
  • Ensuring that the vendor is fully informed.

Our fee is paid by the selling agent. Accordingly, the vendor does not pay us an additional fee.

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